Free shipping worldwide on order's over $30
Free shipping worldwide on order's over $30


Pets are our family members, they are companions who give unconditional support and non-judgmental love. They have complex needs and each dog/cat is unique. Get the latest from cat supplies, pet wears, dog accessories, bird supplies and much more pets accessories.

Why we love pets?

our passion

Dogs/cats see humans as family so they deserve as much care and love as we do. With the companionship, loyalty, love and affection that they provide, it's why life is better with a animal. They are good for you, physical and emotionally.

It’s a puzzling and unique effect that pets give to people, which is a trustworthiness effect. Which explains a lot of the effects of animal-assisted therapy.

As pet owners we know how hard it can be to make the right choices on products for our fur babies. That's why we carefully selected products with good quality.

 Surprise your pets with the excitement of being treated in a special way with our products to make them happy because they are just as Important as kids!


Oh my goodness, you just made my day! Thank you so so much, above and beyond amazing customer service


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Happy pets are healthy pets!

They can not shop so be excited with them and shop for what they want!

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This&That4less - For the love of our Pets

Pets are our family, & Taking care of them is Important. We want the best for them, and we want products that are good and healthy and safe!  Plus we also want to Spoil our fur babies  :)

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We take our customers and business seriously and will do what it takes to provide you the best service. We have 24/7 email or phone number support...