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Rattan Swing Cage Toy
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The sound of the bells can meet the needs of birds communication and they can bite when it is hung on. It Relieve stress and boredom, satisfy the need of chewing and chewing. Excellent for Teething Birds.

It is the best choice for parrots to bite and grind. It is loved by large, medium and small parrots. This product is made of natural earthworms, bells and combinations.

The rattan and tree beads are combination toys, and the elements correspond to the preferences of birds.


Material:Rattan,Steel Ring , Weight: 55g

Length: 26 cm/10.24"

Outer Diameter:16 cm/6.30"

Inner Diameter: 11CM




Dogs show unselfish kindness. For every purchase made, a donation is made to the Rescue Shelter's.

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