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16pcs Toy Supply
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Did you get a new puppy? Does your dog have a birthday coming up? This is the best present or training toy kit for them. A 16pcs Toy Supply kit. 

This kit comes with different types of toys that squeak, ( dogs favorite), head band ropes, hair clips, bite ropes, bathing massage brush, biting pacifier ( excellent for teething puppies)  

Comes in 2 different sets. Choose set A (m) or B (white)


Molar tooth cleaning toys

Type: Dogs
Toys Type: Chew Toys
Material: - rubber

 For every purchase made, a donation is made to the rescue shelter's on behalf of us. Many reasons

to buy from us, happy pets and owners.

Happy pets are healthy pets!

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Give them something to smile for. Happy pets are healthy pets. 

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