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Mighty Tug Toy
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Give your dog a good challenge which they love. This Interactive toy does just that! 
Its made with high quality hemp material, (K9 Agility Equipment) which gives them a good tug. Its durable and well-made.
A reinforced nylon rope handle. Stitching is strong and tear resisted.
Its strong enough for large dogs. Perfect for training. 
Comes in 2 Colors: Red, Black
Feature: Strong, Durable, Very good quality 
Function: Training, Biting, Teeth cleaning chewing, playing,
Suit for: All breeds, pitbull, K9

Model Number: BJP26
Material: Hemp
Handle: 1 Nylon Handle

 For every purchase made, a donation is made to the rescue shelter's on behalf of us. Many reasons

to buy from us, happy pets and owners.

Happy pets are healthy pets!

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Give them something to smile for. Happy pets are healthy pets. 

They are our best friends.