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Climbing Ladder Swing
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This climbing wooden ladder swing is just what your bird needs. Keeps them active and Interested with the bright colours. 

1. Made of wooden material, durable. 
2. Suitable for all kinds of Birds 
3. Hanging string of colorful balls on bird cage swing are great for birds chewing.
4. Provides your little birds an excellent place to swing and have fun.
5. Easy to Install. It's convenient to put on these little toys in the cage, connect the hooks to the top of your pet cage 

Ladder Width:10cm, Thickness: 1.5cm
2 Sticks Distance: 5cm

Sizes    Ladder Length    Total Length
4 Steps   21cm/8.26inch   31cm/12.2inch
5 Steps   27cm/10.6inch   37cm/14.56inch
6 Steps   32cm/12.7inch   42cm/16.62inch
8 Steps   46cm/18.1inch   56cm/22.0inch
10 Steps   60cm/23.6inch   70cm/27.55inch
12 Steps   70cm/27.5inch   80cm/31.49inch
18 Steps   112cm/44.0inch   122cm/48.0inch

Quantity:1 Pc

Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.
Please allow 2-3cm differs due to manual measurement .

 For every purchase made, a donation is made to the rescue shelter's on behalf of us. Many reasons

to buy from us, happy pets and owners.

Happy pets are healthy pets!

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Give them something to smile for. Happy pets are healthy pets. 

They are our best friends.