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Scoop & Clip All-in one
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2 problems solved! Perfect portions and fresh food lasting longer. This Scoop & Clip All-In-One is perfect for little appetites. The spoon makes a perfect portion for the small dog and (X 2 for bigger dogs) this way you always know how much food your giving, and it seals the food bag or tin.

Great features :

1: The bag clip Sealer, makes it perfect for sealing the bag to keep Fresh. 

2: It's foldable scoop for easy storage

3: High quality silicone, so it's durable and washable.

4: Has built in bowl for a perfect portion all the time.

It’s the perfect all-in one spoon! Come's in 2 colours. Pink or green

Item Type: Bowls
Material: Plastic
Volume: 237ml

 For every purchase made, a donation is made to the rescue shelter's on behalf of us. Happy pets and owners.

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Give them something to smile for. Happy pets are healthy pets.