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Automatic Water Dispenser
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Bringing convenience to you with this Food Bowl with Automatic Water Dispenser! 

Spend less time on filling their bowl and less time on spillage. Its neat and tidy.


2 in 1 feeder bowl design,with an automatic water bowl, it will refill the water into the dish automatically and help to keep the water filled and clean whether you at home or not.

Pets food and water bowl set materials: Stainless bowl, made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean by rinsing or wiping clean after use; High quality Plastic bottle and water bowl, Its safe and a ABS resin base dish, ABS resin resisted scratch.

Water bowl with an white plastic sheet: this white plastic sheet can Keep your pet away from a wet mouth when they are drinking.

Replaceable water bottle:our water bowl bottle is replaceable, Suitable for any drinking bottle with a diameter of 28mm 

Suitable for medium and small sized pets dogs and cats, food bowl is 14cm*4cm; Water bottle capacity is 500ml

Make the lid of bottle down, overturn filled bottle, put it on the small groove, then press the bottle bottom. Water will outflow water bowl.

Note: Please do not fill hot water into the water bottle.

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Volume: 1000g
Number: Pet-508


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Dogs show unselfish kindness. For every purchase made, a donation is made to the Rescue Shelter's.

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