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Professional Stainless Steel Wheelchair
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This Rehabilitation Wheelchair will help your Beloved pet through a Recovering Process or simply give them a most needed spark of being active again with some Pain relief. What matters most is Your Fur baby standing up and walking again with Confidence and Independence. 

This wheelchair is designed for dogs and cats with defective hind/front legs or Weak Paralyzed front/Rear Legs DogOur wheelchair is made to take off the strain and stress in the upper body, and is lightweight so your pet can easily walk with it. If your pet seems like it is "awkward" in the unit, and it was sized correctly, then it is just a matter of making the adjustments. Some pets will need a "warming up to the unit" time everyday so if the pet is shy of the device, dont worry, that's Normal. 

Has a Shoulder Strap for Comfort, Laminated Mesh, Breathable, Dual Silent Wheel Bearing, Shock Absorption, More Comfortable for them. Its a Soft 3D comfortable strap, special abdomen for protecting the spine strength A beautiful belt can walk freely for optimum comfort and flexibility. Its Stainless Steel 4 Wheel Weak Paralyzed front/Rear Legs Dog is Adjustable

The belts and height bars can be adjusted to the size of the animal. The overall frame is Lightweight for easy wearing comfort, corrosion-resistant, durable, and easy to pull. fast aluminum alloy, Its durable, so your pet is not burdened  

Wheel height can be adjusted.

Size: XXS Can be suited for a 1-15 lb Dog/Cat

  • Length: 28-36cm/11-14.17in;
    Width: 10-12cm/3.94-4.72in;
    Height: 21-26cm/8.27-10.24inch;
    Weight: 1600g;
    Front Wheel Diameter: 4cm/1.57in,
    Rear Wheel Diameter: 13cm/5.12in;
  • Package Included:
    1 set  Pet Wheelchair


Dogs show unselfish kindness. For every purchase made, a donation is made to the Rescue Shelter's.

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