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Faux Fur Collar Princess Jacket
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How cute would your little Princess look in this?

Faux Fur Collar Princess Jacket with Fluffy Tutu will make your fur baby look fabulous! It's beautiful design makes any little dog look like a princess. The material is made out of cotton and fits most little dogs. 

It fits well but to tight. It does fit wide so there is more room to breathe. Luxury Faux Fur Collar around the neck makes it even more glamorous!

It's made for little dogs. Chihuahua size type dogs. Yes cats would be perfect fit also.

Comes in sizes. XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

2 Colours

Pets will get warm with the summer months, so please dont keep them in it for a long period of time. 

Material: 100% Cotton
Pattern: Plaid
Color: pink, red
material: tweed + fleece lining

Washable: Yes but hang to dry.
Application: small dog clothes

Please measure size before ordering. Thank you!

 For every purchase made, a donation is made to the rescue shelter's on behalf of us. Many reasons

to buy from us, happy pets and owners.

Happy pets are healthy pets!

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Give them something to smile for. Happy pets are healthy pets. 

They are our best friends.